Another Hazy Day in the Rockies

Fires from the northwest are still clouding our views across the mountains in Colorado. Today, we hiked across the tundra to the Flowers Trail overlooking Browns Lake deep within the Comanche Peak Wilderness.

The Comanche Peak Wilderness completely surrounds the northern border of Rocky Mountain National Park, stretching from just northeast of Estes Park all the way around to Long Draw Road on the park’s northwest side. Hiking access from the Fort Collins area is through Poudre Canyon and via the Pingree Park and Long Draw roads south of Colorado Hwy. 14, or via the Big South Trail, which follows the Poudre River to its headwaters within the national park. Compared to areas near Fort Collins and within the popular areas of the national park, the Comanche Peak Wilderness is mostly empty of people.

Browns Lake from atop a cliff at 11,200 feet in Colorado’s Comanche Peak Wilderness. Comanche Peak is the peak on the left of the frame in the background. © 2012 by Bobby Magill

Comanche Peak over Browns Lake. © 2012 by Bobby Magill

The tundra in the Comanche Peak Wilderness is a great vantage to take in the Rawah Range (also known as the Medicine Bow Mountains). The east face of the peaks you see in the image are part of Roosevelt National Forest’s Rawah Wilderness in Larimer County. The west face of the peaks are part of Colorado State Forest State Park in Jackson County. © 2012 by Bobby Magill


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